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PRO•M Complete™

Rapid Test For Rupture Of Fetal Membranes

Pro-Lab now has a new clinical tool for a rapid and accurate bedside diagnosis of premature rupture of the fetal membrane. When Amniotest™ results are not enough now physicians, nurses, midwives, and laboratories can rely on PRO•Mcomplete™ to make appropriate patient management decisions.


  • Only test that measures both IGFBP-1 and AFP separately
  • Higher sensitivity with addition of AFP than IGFBP-1 alone
  • More accurate than traditional PROM tests
  • Results as quickly as 10 minutes
  • Non-invasive, no speculum required for easy specimen collection
  • Accurate diagnosis of PROM will result in overall cost savings to the hospital

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Test Kit PL.950-1 PRO•M complete™ Test Kit 1 test
PL.950- 5 5 tests
PL.950-10 10 tests
Components PL.951 Test Cassette 1 Cassette / test
Positive Control PL.953 PRO•Mcomplete™ External Positive Control 1 vial