Pro-Lab Diagnostics is pleased to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for OptiGene of the United Kingdom (www.optigene.co.uk). OptiGene has developed innovative products that support sensitive and specific detection of DNA/RNA for use in the fields of plant health, food safety, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and healthcare. The company has exploited its expertise in both instrument design and enzymology to develop a sophisticated open platform that will support all isothermal amplification methods.

For technical documents and/or a complete listing of products manufactured by OptiGene please visit www.optigene.co.uk

The Genie® II or III instrument enables rapid mobile diagnostic detection of any nucleic acid target in minutes, often without the need for nucleic acid isolation.

The Genie® II instrument is the flagship product of OptiGene and has been in full production since the spring of 2011. Genie® II is now found in a variety of diagnostic settings around the world. It is supported by specially-designed plastic strips that have lockable caps and are easy to handle. Enzymes are available in the form of several master mixes that feature combinations of high-speed operation, inherent RT activity and thermostability.

In addition, OptiGene offers a complete line of Isothermal Mastermixes, DNA polymerases, Reverse Transcriptase and other enzymes.