Pro-Lab Diagnostics is pleased to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for Lorne Laboratories of the United Kingdom ( Lorne Laboratories was created by biomedical scientists who believed that the manufacture of reagents and associated products for blood transfusion could be provided professionally, ethically and with quality at the centre of all that it did.

The following items have been licensed for sale in Canada. For technical documents and/or a complete listing of products manufactured by Lorne Laboratories products available please visit the Lorne Laboratories website at

ABO system – Monoclonal Reagents

Anti-A Monoclonal
Anti-B Monoclonal
Anti-A, B Monoclonal

Anti-D Clone 1 Monoclonal
Anti-D DuoClone Monoclonal
Anti-C Monoclonal
Anti-Cw Monoclonal
Anti-E Monoclonal
Anti-c Monoclonal
Anti-e Monoclonal
Anti-C+D+E Monoclonal

Anti-S Monoclonal
Anti-s Monoclonal

Anti-K Monoclonal
Anti-k (Cellano) Polyclonal
Anti-kpa Polyclonal

Anti-Fya Monoclonal
Anti-Fyb Polyclonal
Anti-Jka Polyclonal
Anti-Lua Polyclonal
Anti-P1 Monoclonal
Anti-Lea Monoclonal
Anti-Leb Monoclonal