Pro-Stains™ & Immersion Oil

Pro-Lab Diagnostics offers an extensive range of ready-to-use and concentrated microbiological staining solutions in a selection of convenient and economical sizes.

All stains are manufactured in our own purpose designed laboratories to the highest standards, in accordance with all current regulatory requirements and are CE labeled.  Using the finest raw materials, and adopting strict quality control and filtering techniques prior to release, our stains offer excellent performance characteristics. Also available are a range of convenient staining kits for Gram, TB and Cryptosporidium staining.

Immersion Oil

Product No. Description Size
PL.396 Immersion Oil (DBP Free) 50 ml

Gram Stains – Concentrated (x10)

Dilute to 1 Litre of Ready to Use Stain

Product No.DescriptionSize
PL.8000Crystal Violet100 ml
PL.8001Gram’s Iodine100 ml
PL.8002Neutral red100 ml
PL.8003Safranin100 ml
PL.8004Dilute Carbol Fuchsin100 ml
PL.8010Lugol’s Iodine100 ml
PL.8011Methyl Violet100 ml

Ready to Use Gram Stains

Product No. Product Size
PL.7000 Crystal Violet 500 ml
PL.7001 Crystal Violet 1.0 L
PL.7002 Crystal Violet 2.0 L
PL.7003 Gram’s Iodine 500 ml
PL.7004 Gram’s Iodine 1.0 L
PL.7005 Gram’s Iodine 2.0 L
PL.7009 Neutral Red 500 ml
PL.7010 Neutral Red 1.0 L
PL.7011 Neutral Red 2.0 L
PL.7012 Safranin 500 ml
PL.7013 Safranin 1.0 L
PL.7014 Safranin 2.0 L
PL.7015 Dilute Carbol Fuchsin 500 ml
PL.7016 Dilute Carbol Fuchsin 1.0 L
PL.7017 Dilute Carbol Fuchsin 2.0 L
PL.7052 Lugol’s Iodine 500 ml
PL.7053 Lugol’s Iodine 1.0 L
PL.7053-2 Lugol’s Iodine 2.0 L

Acid Fast Stains for Mycobacteria – Concentrated (x 10)

Dilute to 1 litre with Saline

Product No.ProductSize
PL.8005ZN Carbol Fuchsin100 ml
PL.8006Methylene Blue100 ml
PL.8007Malachite Green100 ml
PL.8008Auramine Phenol100 ml
PL.8013Potassium Permanganate100 ml

Acid Fast Stains for Mycobacteria (Ready to Use)

Product No. Product Size
PL.7018 ZN Carbol Fuchsin 500 ml
PL.7019 ZN Carbol Fuchsin 1.0 L
PL.7020 ZN Carbol Fuchsin 2.0 L
PL.7021 Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin 500 ml
PL.7022 Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin 1.0 L
PL.7027 Methylene Blue 500 ml
PL.7028 Methylene Blue 1.0 L
PL.7029 Methylene Blue 2.0 L
PL.7030 Malachite Green 500 ml
PL.7031 Malachite Green 1.0 L
PL.7032 Malachite Green 2.0 L
PL.7033 Auramine Phenol 500 ml
PL.7034 Auramine Phenol 1.0 L
PL.7035 Auramine Phenol 2.0 L
PL.7059 Thiazine Red 500ml
PL.7060 Thiazine Red 1.0 L

Trichomonas Stains – Concentrated (x10)

Dilute to 1 litre with Saline

Product No.ProductSize
PL.8009Acridine Orange100 ml