Prolisa™ C. difficile GDH EIA Kit (PL.2002)

The Prolisa™ C. difficile GDH EIA is a microwell assay for the qualitative detection of Clostridium difficile glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) in faecal specimens. The Prolisa™ C. difficile GDH EIA is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of C. difficile infections. This test detects GDH and will not differentiate between toxigenic and non-toxigenic strains of C. difficile. Like alternative C. difficile tests, results should be considered in conjunction with patient history and additional laboratory investigations.

Product CodeDescriptionSize
PL.2002Prolisa™ C. difficile GDH EIA Kit


Kit Contains:

Coated and Stabilized plate (1)
Positive Control (2.5 ml)
Immunoconjugate (7ml)
20X Wash Buffer (25ml x 2)
Stop Solution (14ml)
Substrate Solution (14ml)
Sample Diluent (30ml x 2)
Plate Sealer (3)
Transfer Pipettes (100)

96 Tests