AmnioTest™ -100 Swabs


The AmnioTest™ is designed to assist in the detection of rupture of the fetal membrane. It offers the most efficient, cost effective, reliable, and simple to use point-of-care screen test to aid in the detection of amniotic fluid in near-term patients. Along with a simple quality control regimen, the AmnioTest™ is an invaluable tool for OB-GYN and L+D clinics.

Each AmnioTest™ is packed individually in peel-pouches and sterilized by gamma irradiation. Available in two convenient sizes – 100 swabs and 20 swabs. Each box also contains one Colour Interpretation Card and an Instructions For Use.

Product Code Description Size
PL.901 AmnioTest™ 100 Swabs
PL. 901-20 AmnioTest™ 20 Swabs
PL.902 AmnioTest™ Colour Interpretation Cards 50 Cards

The following Quality Control buffers are for use with AmnioTest™

Product Code Description Size
PL.910 Buffer Solution pH 5.0 2.0 ml
PL.911 Buffer Solution pH 5.5 2.0 ml




Buffer Solution pH 6.0

Buffer Solution pH 6.5

Buffer Solution pH 7.0

Buffer Solution pH 7.5

2.0 ml

2.0 ml

2.0 ml

2.0 ml