Streptococcal Grouping – Acid Extraction

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is proud to distribute a large selection of laboratory equipment manufactured by Benchmark Scientific of the U.S.A. ( Benchmark Scientific is focused on providing next generation, innovative and cost effective laboratory wares. All items sold by Pro-Lab Diagnostics have been fully ESA certified.

For technical documents and/or a complete listing of products manufactured by Benchmark Scientific please visit

Shakers, Mixers & Rockers

Vortex Mixers
Orbital Shakers
Two Dimensional Rockers
Rollers and Rotators
Three Dimensional Rockers


Hand Held Homogenizer (Rotor Stator Type)
Bead beating Homogenizers

Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Bench Top Autoclaves
Microbiology Incinerators (Bactizapper)

Temperature Control Equipment

Hotplates and Stirrers
Water Baths
Shaking Incubators
Baths (Heat Blocks)

Thermal Cyclers
Electrophoresis Gel Systems
Microtube & PCR Plate Coolers
Electrophoresis Power Supplies
Agarose LE Powder & Agarose Tablets
Imaging Systems


Please visit the Benchmark Scientific website for a complete listing of products and specifications.