Streptococcal Grouping – Enzyme Extraction

Prolex™ Streptococcal Xtra Grouping – Enzyme Extraction

The Prolex™ Streptococcal Xtra Select Kit provides a rapid and reliable platform for the identification of Lancefield Group A and Group B streptococci using only one lytic extraction reagent and specifically labelled blue carboxylated latex particles. This kit is conveniently formatted such that a customer can either select either 2 vials of Group A, 2 vials of Group B or one vial of each. The test has the advantage of offering instant clear results at room temperature using the unique one step extraction procedure.

Product Code Description No. Tests
PL.1042 Strep Xtra-Select Custom Grouping Kit 120 Tests

Prolex™ Streptococcal Xtra – Individual Grouping Reagents

Product Code Description Colour Code Size
PL.1031 Streptococcal Extraction Reagent 1 Purple 3.0 ml
PL.1032 Streptococcal Extraction Reagent 2 Pink 3.0 ml